Stephany Andrews

Chinese Brush Painting

Stephany Andrews: Chinese Brush Painting

About the Artist:

Stephany started her affair with art when an astute doctor suggested that she pursue some creative outlet to help her maintain balance in her life after learning that she only had six months to live. The class that had an opening was Chinese Brush Painting. She enrolled and the rest is history as that was over 30 years ago. Art heals.

She became enthralled with the simplicity and beauty of the medium. Creating the essence of a subject with a few strokes and letting the viewer finish the painting in his or her mind's eye appealed to her as did learning about the culture and history of China. Her thirst never dies. She has studied with masters in the United States, Singapore and Hangzhou, China where she attended the China Academy of Art.

After she retired and had more time to pursue art, she was introduced to silk painting. This, too, is an ancient Asian art form. She loved the way the dyes flowed on the silk and the brilliant colors that resulted. True to form, she began studying and with local artists and eventually studied with internationally known teachers through her involvement with SPIN -Silk Painters International, where she served on the Board of Directors.

She continues to study and learn as often as she can. In the past year she has also started teaching classes and this has been one of her greatest learning experiences as she must constantly stretch to provide her students with techniques and motivating experiences.

The hand written calligraphic character you find on her work is the Chinese character for the word dragon which is pronounced long. Stephany's maiden name is Long so she uses this on her brush paintings. The dragon is an auspicious symbol for the Chinese so it seemed fitting to sign with her maiden name.

Art & Design Experience

Worked at CS Fine Art LLC

Studied Chinese Brush Painting at China Art Institute, Hanzhou

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