Stephen Foreman

Abstract Painter

Stephen Foreman: Abstract Painter

About the Artist:

Stevieji grew up in a modest home in Toronto. He graduated from Dentistry in his early 20’s, married and had two daughters. He lived a normal suburban life with all the trimmings. However, he always felt there was something missing. He was searching for something more meaningful.

With encouragement from his family, he sought to discover a more spiritual way of life. He became self-empowered with the study of Reiki. Stevieji travelled the world finding like-minded individuals, and spent time in spiritual retreats where he found a more fulfilling way of life. At one of the retreats his senses were awakened with a form of art that he never thought he could create.

This form of art, sculpting, became a means to self-healing and personal introspection. With the use of meditation and yoga he was able to relax his mind, reflect and visualize turning a piece of stone into a work of love and beauty.

While attending art studios in Canada, United States and Mexico he discovered yet another form of self-examination through abstract art. Stevieji fell in love with the creative energy that was produced while experimenting with colour, shapes and various unusual tools. His early abstracts were dark and foreboding. However, as the years progressed, his paintings took on a new life of lightness, serenity, and pleasure.

My abstract Art is a reversal from them minute detail that I was used to from my career as a dentist. Moreover, my Art also incorporates the Healing Energy of Reiki which I incorporated into my practice and now my Art. My pieces always include a Heart as a reminder of the Love available for self and health healing! My work has been shown in Canada, Florida and now Ajijic Mexico where I have been fortunate to win awards for my paintings and sculptures!

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