Sacha Phariss

Acrylic & Mixed-Media

Sacha Phariss: Acrylic and Mixed-Media

About the Artist:

Sacha Phariss is a self-taught artist who started painting professionally in 2014. She was born in Santa Cruz, California, in 1990 and moved to Mexico in 2004. She is fascinated with horses and began drawing them as a young child until the age of 16. She took a break from her art while focusing on missionary work with her family. At 24 years old, she did her first painting, successfully launching her career as a full-time artist with her personal brand, Phariss Horses. Her acrylic paintings are in private collections world-wide and are currently available for purchase online through her website, Phariss Horses, Etsy, Instagram, and Facebook. Her art has also been sold at charity events, benefiting several horse rescues in the United States. The Art of the Horse, an online group of equine artists, features her artwork in the article entitled, “Sacha Phariss's Dazzling Paintings Brings You On A Journey of Self Empowerment and Discovery”.

Currently her medium of choice is acrylic paints, and she uses different media to create texture and a 3D feel in her art. In 2016, Sacha completed her first 12 piece collection on wood entitled, “Horses in White,” where her realistic horses are skillfully captured with various playful and imaginative backgrounds. “Horse Passion” is currently an eight (out of twelve) piece collection with different color-themed acrylic pours and striking horse poses. “Horse Majesty” currently has ten (out of twelve) pieces with inspiring backgrounds and commanding themes, such as “Be Bold”. The “Once Upon a Horse” series has two pieces at the moment, that transports you to a different world. The pieces in Phariss Horses commands “the Art of the Imagination:&rdquo it helps to encourage the beholder to take action, be creative, and be true to your own spirit and passion.

My dream is to create realistic, inspired, meaningful, equine art. I enjoy creating the personality and spirit of each horse in my art, horse art is something I love not just crating it but having it to enjoy.

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